Thoughts from Gatorville

As I write this my deathstar laptop tinks out the bloops and bleeps of good dance music over bad speakers. I am in Florida, and if I've learned one thing in my two days here it's that you should never, ever feed the alligator :

I'm headlining the Off the Hook Comedy Club all weekend in Marco Island, FL and thus far I'm having a blast. The people here are cool and my Spring Hill Suites has free apples in the lobby. I got Wasted on Wednesday night and the bar manager Boston Bob took photos of me in a Hooters outfit. I'm not saying this is one of those pictures but it is :

COME ON OUT. If you live in the Florida area and want to come out to one of the shows I have 1/2 price tix tonight and Saturday and comps for Sunday. It's a good-ass time. I'm doing the full hour fueled on good seafood and tropical drinks with sexual-sounding names. Here's their website with all the info :

And on the non-FL tip :

Here's a quick action-short I did that we shot on RED cam - so tasty :

And if you keep hearing about twitter but have no idea what the hell it is, let me be you're entree. I'm nearing 5,000 followers and I've never loved an artistic tool more. I'm finally photo-blogging the way I'd always imagined and twitter is making it happen. Go ahead and check it out - you just might like it -

And did you know there's a Ben Morrison Azalea? And for awhile it was beating me on Google? See why :

Allright that's all I got.

Hugs and Kisses for your Missus.

- Ben Morrison